This site is for DSC EMEA (A4 English. German. and French) Printed Literature Request Only.
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DESTACO EMEA Literature eStore

DESTACO has developed library of flyers, brochures and Visual Selection Guides (VSGs) to help our customers learn more about our portfolio of products and services.

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Need to download a full catalog pdf or build a customized catalog pdf?

DESTACO has a Catalog PDF Builder that allows users to download a full catalog PDF or build a catalog PDF specific to a customers interest:  The Custom Catalog Builder allows a user to do the following:

  • Download a full catalog pdf for any or all of our products groups.
  • Selected different catalog sections from each of our product groups
  • Rearrange the sections by dragging them up or down lineup 
  • Add contact name and address with logo
  • Generate a custom PDF of the selected sections, complete with a TOC. 

Build Your Own

Remember DESTACO has an easy to use "Click or Scan" system

DESTACO Brochures, Flyers and Visual Selection Guides have QR Codes inside to help you get to product dimensions and specifications more conveniently.  

Simply "Click" on the QR Code, or "Scan" the QR Code in the PDF with your mobile device from any where in the world to get more information on the products you are interested in - as long as you have access to the internet.

Watch the video to learn how to use QR Codes.